To make sure we deliver the best quality products to our customers, Elespares has developed robust process to control the quality. The process includes but not limited to the following:
Internal Quality Process  
                                        1. Return To Vendor process
                                        2.Nonconforming material flow
                                        3. Inspection standard & Sampling plan
                                        4. Golden sample & Limited sample application
Parts Quality Improvement
                                         1.Corrective Action Report system (8D)
                                         2.PPM matrix & PDCA action list
                                         3.SPC & Cpk program
                                         4.Monthly quality review meeting
Supplier Quality Assurance process
                                         1.Supplier Quality Inspection program
                                         2.Supplier Corrective Action Report System
                                         3.Supplier process audit 
                                         4.Supplier complete audit
Please refer to the chart to get an overall view about our quality process:

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